Inch Loss Body Wrap

Slimming, Cellulite, Firming Weight & Inch Loss in 1 Kit
great and fast results
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Lose inches fast, slimming effects immediately, with this complete at home wrap kit includes pre-mixture, wrapping cloths. This amazing kit is formulated by emily gronitz. utilizes dead sea mud, detoxifying clays, seaweed, herbs, highly mineralized, lasting results! RESULTS ORIENTED!

When it comes to losing Inches there is nothing better than the a Mud & mineral body wrap!


DO They Really Work?

For losing inches you get immediate Results. When it comes to weight loss you clean the fat - detoxify and this allow the body to burn it much easier. you will burn that fat  up to 8x easier. this is why people often experience significant weight loss and loss of pounds after wrappings.


done in the comfort of your own home! The entire process takes about 45 minutes! You will lose a total of 4 to 18 inches with the very first wrapping. See the lbs drop off!