About Us

Starting life as an alternative health blog, Goo Tea are all about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Our blog was born out of one woman’s quest to improve her health after a shock cancer diagnosis.

Estelle Hinds was given the devastating news she had breast cancer, in the fall of 2011 and suddenly everything was thrown into question.

After never having thought much about health before, she was suddenly thrown into a new world of diagnoses and treatment.

All this took its toll and was especially rough on her digestive system.

It was then that Estelle began to blog – about her journey into health and recovery, but also increasingly about the foods and beverages that made that transit a little easier.

One surprising discovery she made early on was the beneficial properties of tea – namely green tea, in all its forms.

From her health blog, the magazine was born. And since then, it has never looked back.

Since the start of 2013 it has been at the forefront of the alternative health scene and in particular, a leader in the arena of tea.

We publish articles and features of interest to the general reader, looking to make up their own minds about health and give them the information in an easy to follow manner.

We don’t blind you with science, but we make sure we do our homework, with regards to research, so you can trust our recommendations when it comes to your health.

Our bloggers have some of the tastiest recipes on the internet and we regularly publish the cream of the crop, in our binder recipe collection, each quarter.

Goo Tea comes out quarterly and delivers your seasonal dose of good health, straight to your tablet, device or newsagent.

Subscriptions are a no brainer and the best way to be assured of your copy, on time every time.

Here’s to tea!