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Natural Acne Treatment

"Acne masques work better than any cream. This is because the purify the skin and remove the cause of stubborn acne and prevent future problems"



$26.95 for a complete 12 oz


It works for facial acne, back, chest, neck, body and all other very difficult or stubborn acne problems. It is all natural and works on all skin types and all ages including teens and adults.


An Acne Advancement!

Rated #1for acne skin problems that deal with black heads, white heads, zits, stubborn and severe acne anywhere on the body including the face, back, arms, chest, neck, and scalp to name just a few.

Natural Mask and Cream Advantages:


100% natural masque detoxifies and purifies the scalp and uses advanced herbal ingredients that have been proven to help with skin conditions including mild blemishes to advanced acne problems.




The Acne Masque!

  • A therapy used for centuries that works
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • A Top seller for skin conditions, skin rashes, skin fungus and other skin problems that are often referred to as skin eczema, skin psoriasis.



  • Apply pre mix mask to any where on the body that acne is a problem or where you do not want it to be a future problem.
  • Leave on for 30 minutes & rinse
  • Follow with the acne cream for best results.





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