Body Wraps

- Lose Inches Body Wrap

- Detoxify Body Wrap

- Skin Tightening Wrap

- Cellulite Seaweed Wrap

- Stretch Mark Wrap

- Pain Relief Wrap

- Body Odor Wrap

- Before & After



Hair Care

- Dead Sea Shampoo



Firming Slimming Creams

- Slimming Cellulite Cream

- Skin Firming Cream



Anti Wrinkle

Creams & Serums

- Slimming Face Moisture

- Mineral Face Cream


Nail Care

 - Nail Care

 - Nail Fungus


Acne Treatments

 - Acne Mask

 - Acne Lotion


Healthy Legs

 - Spider Veins





Body Wraps Affiliate Program

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We offer a wide range of products including over 10 different body wraps, a body wrap making e book (sells like crazy), slimming cream, cellulite cream, dead sea muds in individual and bulk sizes. We also offer pure (therapy) dead sea bath salts that are not sprayed or coated.

We are one of the largest sellers of dead sea shampoos and hair care products and also check out our amazing skin care, facial firming and neck firming affiliate products that are second to none.

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