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Can You Get Nail Fungus from Athletes Foot?

Yes, athlete’s foot can cause nail fungus since both are caused by fungus. And more importantly, the same group of fungus infest on the foot skin and toenails. It is called dermatophytes. It means that if you have athlete’s foot, it could eventually spread and affect your nails. It could also go to other parts of your skin. Similarly, if you have nail fungus, it could also cause athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. If you have both, then it most likely that the same type of fungus is making you suffer.

Fungus does spread, that’s why you have to make sure that you treat either or both athlete’s foot and nail fungus right away. You should also make sure you maintain proper hygiene so you will not get it in the first place. Fungus infection starts when your feet are often left open in moist dirty or unsanitary areas like shower rooms and locker rooms. If your nails are not cut short regularly, accumulating and carrying dirt is easy through your nails, thus exposure to fungus.

And because the same fungus is infested on your foot, you can use the same medications in treating athlete’s foot and nail fungus. Still, care should be observed when administering treatment. If you have sensitive skin, you cannot just spray tea tree oil as you would in treating nail fungus. You have to make the solution weaker before you spray it on your skin. You should also bear in mind that hydrogen peroxide does not penetrate the toenails easily. You would have to let your nail bed absorb it by soaking your feet. Athlete’s foot and other skin fungal infections, of course, are superficial and the skin can easily be reached so it is fine to simply spray on the affected area directly.

The main thing here is that you should take care of your athlete’s foot as soon as it starts so that it will not affect the other areas of your skin and most especially your nails. Fungus spreads so it has to be eradicated. You can use the same remedies but remember that you have to modify your solution or your way of applying your treatment. And you have to remember that skin is more or less more sensitive to your nails and it is harder to penetrate the nails.



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