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Body Odor & Foot Odor Gone




"I Detoxified and My Body Odor is Gone!"


Body odor and Foot Odor - here is the solution! You can try and treat the outer skin or you can detoxify the area and get to the source of the body odor or foot odor or what ever the bad smell might be - but you must detoxify the skin in that area for it to be effectively gone!




Body Odor Wrap Treatment - Purify & Cleanse:


Pure - The Odor Reduction Body Wrap (Use on Any area of the Exterior Body)


(2 to 3 total body treatments in this wrap)







This Detox Body Wrap targets the skin and body cells that house toxins and keep the body toxic which results in odor that appears to be unending. The simple fact is that the cells are overloaded. Let nature help to pull toxins from the body. This wrap is a natural skin care product and uses natural healing clays about 15 different detoxifying ingredients that will not only detox  but will also leave the skin glowing and much healthier.



Pulls toxins from deep within the body by using natural earth and sea clays know for purifying the body. You feel great and look great by detoxifying your body.


Don't wait as the cause of the odor does not get better, it simply gets worse. Start today with this home kit that has everything that you need for about 15 spot specific wraps.


Great for:

Foot odor

Body Odor

Under Arm Odor

Crotch Smells (exterior only)


These wraps often help with bad breath and breath odor in general because they detox the entire body when used on the mid section and feet. Read about the power of dead sea mud as anti odor ingredient.


This is the only product that we have seen work with lasting results on all types of smelly body odor including foot, underarm, complete body odor and even genital odors. Remove the toxins that cause the odors and the results are phenomenal.


Belly fat can hold toxins that cause a lot of serious issues with your overall health. Lose the belly fat and many of your health issues will go away. and remember that when stomach or abdominal fat are holding these toxins it makes it very hard to lose this belly fat.


What Causes Body Odor?

A build up of toxins on both the skin as well as in the fat is one of the leading causes of body odor. We strongly, strongly recommend a body wrap to help get rid of body odor.







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