5 Reasons To Make Matcha Tea Part Of Your Morning Routine!

You get up, you fire up the coffee maker and start fiddling with its settings.

This is how the morning starts for millions of Americans. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

But coffee is a jealous lover, which makes you beg for more. One cup is never enough.

And then there’s the length of time it takes to prepare and all the mess that the loose coffee grounds make on your kitchen counter.

Then too, there are the jitters, which go with an overdose of coffee and all the worrying side effects that the super strength bean can bring to you.

If you are looking to slow down your coffee consumption, but still deliver your body its morning wake-up call, there is a third way.

That way is matcha tea.

And if you start your day the right way, great things can happen, starting with…


Above all, the thing you really want from your daily cup is something that makes you feel human.

And matcha green tea has that in droves!

A cup of matcha tea is more than just a fine tasting drink. It also will make you feel more alert and ready to face your day.

Studies have shown that the consumption of matcha tea boosted the memory and reaction time of volunteers in a trial.

It does this with a compound found in the tea, called L theanine. This helps deliver the caffeine gradually, prolonging the matcha tea benefits over a sustained period of time – so you won’t crash like you do after your coffee high has worn off.


Although no one is claiming any miracles, there’s hope that matcha tea may aid the body in its fight against cancer cells. Some lab studies seem to suggest that it can assist against prostate cancer, others, that it guards against lung, skin and liver cancer.

However, more research is needed into this.


Another of matcha tea benefits is that it has antibiotic and antioxidant qualities.

This is good for your overall health. It also is rich in vitamins A and C and contains iron and potassium.

It may also guard against all those annoying people at work who spend all day coughing over you and spreading their germs around!


Just by the simple act of incorporating matcha tea into your daily routine you could help to lower your risk of heart disease.

And since heart disease is a major killer for anyone over the age of thirty five, this can only be good news!

Matcha tea shares the same nutrients with green tea, which has been scientifically proven to lower the amount of bad cholesterol – crucial in the fight against cardiac disease.

It has been noted that people who drink green tea in general are less likely to go on to suffer a stroke, or heart attack.


Although your morning cup of joe might wake you up, it doesn’t necessarily leave you feeling clean and serene.

One of matcha tea benefits over coffee is that brings a wonderful feeling of calm with it – this is down to the presence of L theanine.

Coffee is like a dirty lover – all wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Think of matcha tea as a mistress with a therapeutic touch. She will wake you up, but gently, with a lingering kiss.

And she is definitely going to stick around to see it through until the end of the day.

With coffee, you will be lucky if one cup is enough for the day, but it might be with matcha tea.

Although you might find yourself having more, just because it tastes nice!