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 Cellulite Body Wrap Kit - At Home Kit


"I had heard about how powerful seaweed was for cellulite but it wasn't until a friend ordered your kit and I watched her do the wrap that I was blown away at the results."




Ships the same day. Low cost shipping of only $4.95

Get rid of cellulite with lasting results!


There is no better answer for cellulite than body wraps that are specifically made for reducing cellulite. Creams can be effective but the effects take longer than body wraps. See how these wraps work on cellulites on the buttocks, thighs, legs, arms, stomach, back of the legs and much more.


How It Works For Cellulite Appearance:
For years very specific clays and muds have been used for cellulite! We use these special muds along with very specific seaweeds and herbs for an outstanding wrap that you would pay hundreds for in spas!


Use can use this wrap in spot specific areas or wrap the entire area for a dramatic effect! Very easy to use home wrapping kit!


If you have never tried this wrap of mask then understand that you do not have to do your entire body for this to be effective. It can be used in spot specific areas that are burdened with cellulites appearance. The results will be instant and get better with each wrap that is applied to the area. Read more about how caffeine helps with cellulite and see why these wraps works so well!


This can be used in conjunction with the cellulite cream for lasting results while the fat is detoxified and compressed again.


With over 15 years in the body treatment business we have not found a better combination for cellulite than a body wrap and our anti cellulite cream. These results are visible and lasting! Give them a try at no risk to you with a 60 day money back guarantee.



  lose 5 inches in just one application



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