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Benefits of Dead Sea Clay

We live in a world where beauty is very much valued. And so almost everyone, men and women alike, strive to look better and maintain their appeal. It is not a wonder why beauty products and beauty services are in demand in the market. In turn, beauty companies have tried hard to develop new beauty products to answer this need.

With all the beauty products in the market, one has many options to take. However, more and more of these products have also been discovered to come with side effects. That is why an increasing amount of beauty product users have turned to using products which are made from herbal or natural ingredients. One of the most recent natural ingredients that has become popular is the Dead Sea clay. Dead Sea clay can be used into many beauty products such as body wraps and facials. Some people have used them by combining them with other natural ingredients but others have used them as is. Soaps, lotions, shampoos and conditioners now use Dead Sea clay as one of their primary ingredient. There are some who even venture going to Jordan and Israel just to take advantage of the benefits that Dead Sea clay can give them. Seaweed wraps use dead sea clay as the primary component for the absorption of toxins from the body while the seaweed is used to slim the body and emulsify the fat globules and cellulite appearance to name just a few benefits.

The Dead Sea clay is sourced from the bottom of the Dead Sea. Because of the unique location of the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea clay contains many minerals that help to achieve and maintain beautiful skin. It has been known to contain calcium which gives you clear skin and helps alleviate pains and sores. It also contains sodium, which helps create a pH balance in your skin. There’s potassium in it too so the water balance in your body is also regulated. Dead Sea clay also has a soothing feature because it has bromine. Sulfur in it detoxifies your skin and it acts as a stimulant to metabolism. One other stimulus for metabolism is magnesium. Not only that, it also prevents different kinds of allergies. And Dead Sea clay has iodine too.  Iodine, of course, is good for the health of your thyroid glands and aids in cell metabolism. These are just a few of the minerals that can be found in Dead Sea clay. Together, they give your skin and also your overall health a boost and protect your from allergies and other illnesses.

You can use dead sea clay to make your own body wrap treatments. Don't know how? Follow the leader in Spa Formulations and treatments Emily Grozant, as she walks you through the best formulations for your specific problems. Read more about the the benefits of body wraps.






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