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Dead Sea Mud Benefits



The Dead Sea lies some 400 meters below sea level and despite its name, it is one of the most active regions to be in especially now that many have discovered the power of Dead Sea Mud.  It is flanked by the Moab mountains to the east and the Judean mountains to the west.  It is the most saline lake in the world.

The power of Dead Sea mud has been utilized by many people because it is rich in chloride sales o f magnesium, potassium, sodium bromine, calcium and other minerals—all of which are very good for various skin problems and diseases.  The Dead Sea is mainly fed by the River Jordan and other springs and streams from other regions.  The Dead Sea is called a “terminal lake” because it has no outlets to the sea and loses huge amounts of water primarily due to evaporation. This is the reason why the power of Dead Sea mud is so unique in its properties.

Dead Sea mud are very much valued by many, including pharmaceutical companies and companies that produce beauty products.  People from all over the world would intentionally go to the Dead Sea just to experience the power of Dead Sea mud.  Its therapeutic as well as medicinal effects have been known for many generations. It is really good for pulling odor causing toxins from the skin and fat cells. It is known for its slimming properties and is often the main ingredients in body wraps.

The Dead Sea is not only popular because of its mud, it is also an ideal natural spa region because of the unusual sun radiation and ideal climactic conditions, the high concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere, thermo-mineral springs, the mineral-rich salty sea, and of course, it’s highly popular Dead Sea mud.  It is the only place in the world with this specific beauty combination.

Historically speaking, the power of Dead Sea mud has been utilized by the Romans and the Egyptians because of its medicinal properties.  The plants that grew in its many oases like the balsam tree were most sought after because it produced different types of cosmetics and perfumes.  Today, the Dead Sea mud is still very popular for the same old reason.  Many companies have even taken advantage of the power of Dead Sea mud by extracting the potash, bromine and other minerals and selling it in the market.  The mud itself is being repacked and re-sold as “pure” Dead Sea mud.

Learn more about how dead sea mud works for skin lightening and to brighten skin into a more even tone all over the body.





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