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The Ultimate Dry Skin Treatment

The feed back that we get from our dry skin wrap is amazing. This wrap seems to work where most products fail. Creams and lotions cannot infuse to the layers of the skin that a 35 minute wrap can. We have ha customers that have had severe dry skin use our wrap with great success. We also have Daily Drench and Body Silk lotions that you can use in between to get your skin super hydrated.

For Dry Skin there is not better treatment!

The Absolute Best For:

  • cracked hands and feet
  • calluses and skin build up
  • sever dry skin (even if it has not responded to other treatments)
  • Redefine sun damaged skin allowing skin to heal
  • Treat itchy and dry skin with lasting results (better and longer lasting with each treatment)

Order today and save:

Dry Skin Wrap Kit: $39.95



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