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We have over 10 different facial masques including acne masks, clear skin masks, that can help you to solve your problem. Masques and deeper penetrating and more effective than typical facial creams.


Facial masques for acne, scars, moisturizing, anti wrinkle, and much more. Simply choose from the masque or mask that best suits your need.


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We offer specials from time to time so check back often to see what is on sale next in the beauty industry!



We offer some of the best known anti aging and facial moisturizers and masques that are used by women and men internationally and are recognized as unique and with very high efficacy and results.

Mineral Miracle does an amazing job of not only firming the skin on the face but also of reducing or slimming the face. For many of us, as we age our face appears larger of plumper. This is the first face slimming cream that also.

Body Wraps

- Lose Inches Body Wrap

- Detoxify Body Wrap

- Skin Tightening Wrap

- Cellulite Seaweed Wrap

- Scar & Stretch Mark Wrap

- Pain Relief Wrap

- Body Odor Wrap

- Before & After



Hair Care

- Dead Sea Shampoo



Firming Slimming Creams

- Slimming Cellulite Cream

- Skin Firming Cream



Anti Wrinkle

Creams & Serums

- Slimming Face Moisture

- Mineral Face Cream


Nail Care

 - Nail Care

 - Nail Fungus


Acne Treatments

 - Acne Mask

 - Acne Lotion


Healthy Legs

 - Spider Veins