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Award Winning Dead Sea Hair Care Products!

Dead Sea Shampoo & Dead Sea Conditioner!

Mineral Moisture Dead Sea Shampoo and Dead Sea Conditioner contain ingredients that spas have been begging us to put into our shampoos and conditioners and now we have. However, we have chosen to sell them directly to the public without the high mark ups that salons and spas put on them.


Forget about expensive spa treatments. You can do these in the privacy of your own home. Rated #1!

Dead Sea Hair Products Advantages:


  • Detox The Scalp -(years of build up and chemicals must have detox)
  • Penetrate the hair shaft to add moisture versus just coating the hair
  • Healing for the scalp and penetrates with healing minerals to the root of the hair as well
  • Raises moisture levels in all hair types
  • Prevents premature aging in the hair
  • Has been said to prevent the development of gray hair
  • Works on hard to solve hair problems like eczema, itchy scalp, psoriasis, dandruff


Dead Sea Mud Shampoo

12 oz $18.95

dead sea shampoo







Dead Sea Mud Conditioner

8 oz $18.95

dead sea mud conditioner







Mineral Mud Deep Hair and Scalp Treatment

4 oz $29.95






Dead Sea Shampoo & Conditioner Combo


dead sea shampoo and conditioner



Dead Sea Shampoo and Conditioner Spa Treatment



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"Without your shampoo my hair scalp would be a mess. I suffered years with serious scalp conditions and this is the only product that has come close to working totally!"


"My friends were the first to notice that I no longer had the serious dandruff problem that I have been having for years. Now I believe that it was either scalp eczema or scalp psoriasis...but I followed your regimen and wow what a difference."


"I went from serious embarrassment to seriously healthy hair in a matter of 3 weeks."


"I now understand how your product worked. I did a ton of research on the dead sea and have become and authority on the healing minerals in the mud. I am living proof that your products work."


"I became hooked on dead sea shampoo when I visited a spa in Jordan but until I found your products I could not find the quality that they had. Yours are the best quality dead sea hair products available."




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