Imagine...You Can Lose 5-22 Inches in Only 50 Minutes ...GUARANTEED

Better Results Come With Each Use of A  Body Wrap!

 Make Your Own Wraps - Learn from The Leader in Spa Treatments.

For nearly ten years Emily Grozant formulated spa treatments and body wraps for some of the top spas and spa distributors in the world.

Now she offers you the know how and specific formulas that most companies would pay over $18,000 for. Finding s mom and pop type formula online is easy but remember that your wrap must stimulate the skin, improve circulation and pull the toxins from deep within the fat cells or it does not work.




Create body wrap formulas at home with my simple formulas. Along with my tips and technique, you can keep the inches off!

The ingredients in my formulas are traditionally applied to help improve cellulite, condition the skin, tighten the skin, eliminate toxins, eliminate trapped fluids, relieve pain, and more... This is accomplished by applying these ingredients to the skin.



The formulas and the tips and techniques in my book can help you achieve the shape you desire!

For the first time, I am revealing my discoveries in my book, "Wrap Yourself Slim: Body Wraps Exposed!"

"I am so glad that I purchased your ebook on the wraps. I have eliminated several problems and saved thousands. Thanks for all the detox information and bath info too. I pretty much make all my own products now and know that they are the strongest I can make. The products work a ton better than the store stuff that I used to use."

"I know that I get better results with making these wraps than I did when I went to my spa and my cost per wrap is about $6. Beat that - Thanks!

Mary Elizabeth - Fort Wayne


You can benefit from the amazingly effective formulas that I discovered.

Here is what you will find in this book:



Cellulite, Skin Firming, Breast Firming (men and women), firming and toning the stomach and thighs and neck and chin area, slimming the body, losing inches, tighten loose skin after weight loss, saggy skin therapy anywhere on the body including the arms, knees, elbows, neck and much more, detox, skin conditions, skin eczema, dandruff, lasting results, burn more fat, slim the face, the body, the neck, thighs, legs and much more.

And more…







These formulas are not reproduced formulas - in fact we have hundreds of spas try to purchase these formulas for $1,000's of dollars from us when we were just selling the ingredients to them. Become and expert - learn from the best!


"Body Wrap Pro Secrets" can be downloaded as soon as you purchase so that you can literally start right away.


This book will not only save you thousands but also let you become an expert in herbs, seaweed, dead sea ingredients and more. We have had many call us and tell us that they now make more as a part time body wrap specialist than they did on a regular job. Learn how to do spa body wraps effectively and with lasting results for you, or for friends and even for customers if you choose to.


 Start reading and printing the book today immediately after downloading.

Covered in this book are specialty body wraps as well and they include the following areas of expertise.

  • Cellulite Ingredients for wraps and body masks

  • Stretch Marks Ingredients for wraps

  • Detoxification Ingredients for masques, wraps and facial products

  • Saggy Skin Help ingredients that are proven to work with research and us

  • Clays for each of the above as well as herbal ingredients to include in your wrap.

  • Eczema and Psoriasis Treatments guaranteed to work (THEY WORK!!!)

  • Muscle Tension Ingredients

  • Insomnia Ingredients for baths and wraps

  • Anti Oxidant Ingredients for baths, wraps and masques

  • Ingredients for firming breasts

  • Ingredients to relive tension related pains such as headaches, muscle aches

  • Bath ingredients (the newest spa therapies include the bath and they work - especially when you don't have time for a complete wrap)

  • We discuss the major bath therapies that work



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