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This page will guide you to more information on how our products can help you to restore your natural moisture, toxin and weight levels in very short order. See our list of info below and enjoy learning more about your health. Find out about the power of the dead sea, earth clays, minerals and how important they are to your health. For many it could be the missing link to your health and appearance.



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Can Athletes foot cause nail toenail fungus

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Home Remedies for Nail Fungus


Nail fungus is a seriously growing problem and now we have hired one of the best formulators that has specialized in skin fungus problems and we have created, what we believe to be the only safe and effective nail fungus treatment. We expect that all signs of nail fungus will be gone within 6 to 8 weeks. It is a two part natural nail care system. We expect full results for you as well. We have even priced it so that you can easily try it and offer a full guarantee. While most products never take into account the ph - this treatment leaves your skin with the proper ph to eliminate the fungus appearance over time.



I wasn't expecting the seaweed wrap to help me lose inches permanently until I found out how they did. I think that my body was so overloaded with toxins that it wasn't working properly. Now it is working great! I can't think of another reason as nothing else in my life has changed. My first wrap I lost about 4 inches and the second I lost another 3. The thing that was so impressive was that I finally found something that would get rid of those cottage cheese dimple on my thighs, butt and legs. Love the body wraps and yours work best."


Over half of the customers that buy our wraps use them for slimming or to lose inches on their waistline, neck, double chin and many other features including cellulite loss. However the other half are using them for therapeutic purposes. They are aiming for good health and want to detoxify their body as they understand that this is the road to good health, good sleep and good appearance - which all of these are important to us.


Our body wraps and creams, pure bath salts and pure muds and clays are not just for the appearance of the body. They work because they are a powerful force to rid your body of built up toxins that could be wreaking havoc on your health system both internally and externally. We have some amazing treatments for scars and stretch marks as well. Stretch marks can be very tough scars but the healing power of the minerals work very well on the deep scars.


If you are having major health issues and want to learn more about detoxifying with body wraps then contact us and we will be glad to help.


And don't forget about healthy hair shampoos for dandruff, scalp psoriasis, scalp eczema itch, rashes on the scalp as well as pimples not to mention just a healthy all around scalp and hair.


Many of our new customers are men and they face very similar problems to women including male breast reduction information on how these wraps can help to reduce the size of the male breast. The slimming wraps can really help with this to start and then the firming wraps take over to firm the loose skin on the breasts. And don't forget about how helpful these wraps can be to body odor and stinky feet to name just a few - it even helps with bad breath thru detoxification.


We offer a body wrap affiliate program for those that feel your customer base will benefit from our products. We have everyone from weight loss online stores to health clinics selling these products through our affiliate program. Read the body wrap affiliate page for more information on this wonderfully rich program. We share the profits.


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