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Why is this treatment so effective?


Most other companies try to kill the fungus only but do not restore proper ph to the foot's skin surface and this is vital to ward off fungus.


The second step is the vital one but by itself is not enough. Toenail and nail fungus is very tough and the only way to beat it is from a two pronged approach. It works!


1) Attack the fungus!

2) Balance The Ph to destroy new fungus growth


That is how we can offer a complete 90 day money back guarantee.


Step 1: Powerful natural anti fungal agents - we believe that there is none more powerful than the combination we put together.


Step 2: A must do - Rebalancing the skin's ph to defend against new fungal growth





"I am writing this because this toenail fungus has been a part of my life for nearly 10 years and not because I didn't try a thousand things like vinegar, the beer soak, vicks and others. YOUR PRODUCT WORKED. It took 45 days for the nail to grow out without that black and yellowish color on it. Very pleased!



"I want your company to know that I have taken your product to my doctor. He tried to put me on some "liver killer" and he even knew that it was bad. Your worked without side effects."



Nail Fungus Treatment

A Proven Natural Toe & Nail Fungus Treatment!

"A new deeper penetrating formula!"

Why should your nail fungus solution be in a cream base?

After years of research we have found that a vital part of getting rid of the black and yellow, thicker nail problems must be in creating a low ph environment and this cannot be done with an oil solution alone. This is why we use the killing fungus oils in a high penetrating cream base! Do not buy oils alone - it is not enough!!!"   THIS SOLUTION WORKS!!!






You Get 2 for only $31.95


Copyright Outside Healing 2009 (do not copy)

100,000's sold!


We Guarantee That This Powerful 1 Step Fungus Treatment Will Work - GUARANTEED.

We tried this nail formula on 10 friends, to start with, and all 10 had completely eliminated their toenail and nail fungus.

This formula was discovered by a mother that fought nail infection for years both under and in toenails!

We knew we were on to something!


Our research for started for toenail fungus based on one of us having nail fungus. We tried many different home remedy type treatments and some showed a little promise but none were able to finish the job of totaling eliminating the fungi.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Tea Tree oil

  • Beer Vinegar Soak

  • Anti Fungal Chemical Agents

  • Essential Oils

and literally hundreds more didn't work alone....

But it wasn't until we combined a few of the most potent natural anti fungus ingredients along with a natural ingredient that lowered the ph where the fungus is, that we got a complete cure for the blackness, discoloration and thickening!

  • No Negative side effects

  • Guaranteed results

  • Worked on 22 test subjects without fail eliminating appearance of fungus

  • Complete system

  • Used by doctors across the world - best results -hands down better than chemicals according to doctors

  • 1st Results come in just 10 to 30 days depending on severity of fungi infection


Order Here:

Purify Nail Fungus Treatment





Buy One Get a Second One Free!


We guarantee that this will work.

Is your product good for infections under acrylic nails or under an artificial nail?

Yes! It works on all fungal nail infections and this includes toenails that have turned black, yellow, green and have thickened the toenails and fingernails.


Is your products considered a cure or curing to toenail and fingernail fungi problems including those that turn black, yellow or even thicker and cloudy?

We cannot say (nobody can) that this product is a cure but we can tell you that all the symptoms of the nails discoloration and thickening and blackening will not be visible. The FDA has strict guidelines for using the word cure therefore we will not state that this is a cure for fungal infections. WE do believe that the appearance of the infections will go away totally.


What texture is your product?

This is a cream based treatment or product for the black and yellow or thicker nail problems that many women and men experience. This is also considered a natural solution or remedy and does not damage the liver or skin or toenail in any way!


What Situations Does Your Product Help?

It works for fungus under the toe or under the nails as well as discoloration and problems that seem to appear in the fingernails or toe nails as well as on the foot or feet. This is the only product that we know that uses proven fungus killers in high amounts and that also changes the ph to make the growth for fungus almost impossible.




Simply apply nail mixture onto toe nail and massage in. Make sure to massage as deeply as you can and work around and under the toenail as much as possible.

More Info:

Can you get nail fungus from athletes foot?

Hydrogen Peroxide

Yes - you can - they are both fungus based and can spread to the toes if not treated very quickly!



See The Progress!

"This is the only natural treatment program that I recommend to my patients. The results are steady and phenomenal."

"I knew that if there were a cure for natural fungus - Chardan would find it."

'When I read how it actually worked I knew that it would work. The second step is what everybody is missing."



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