Matcha Tea For People Who Don’t Like Matcha Tea!

The goal; to get fitter, slimmer and healthier by adding matcha tea your diet.

The problem; you don’t actually like tea.

This should not be an issue, however, when there are so many other great tasting ways to incorporate matcha tea into your daily life!

If you’re no fan of tea, but still want the all antioxidant and fat busting benefits of the green stuff, read on!


If you enjoy a muffin, then you’ve just found another good reason to whip up a batch of them today!

Whilst we can’t pretend that muffins are ever going to make it onto a shortlist of the world’s most healthy foods, you can certainly make them a bit more saintly by adding some matcha powder to them!

Whereas commercially produced matcha tea muffins may be available, we still advocate making them ourselves.

Check out the recipes online and on our blog – but the general principle is to substitute a bit of flour in the mixture with a small quantity of matcha tea – about a tablespoon or so.


Once again, brownies may never be classed as a health food, but you can try by adding matcha powder to them – although, this is probably something that should be enjoyed sparingly.


One of the things we love about matcha tea is its ability to morph into other beverages – and one of those is a latte.

Matcha powder may be added to hot milk and whipped up into a latte.

Vegans may be pleased to note it works especially well with almond milk flavors, too.

A matcha latte might just be what it takes to turn a coffee lover into a tea addict.


It may surprise you to know that you can add matcha tea to your diet as simply as sprinkling it over the top of existing treats.

One such idea is just popping some onto your popcorn. This is easy to do and tastes great!


Matcha noodles are a thing, and as they come premade, you can simply add them to any dish you were thinking of preparing with noodles in it!

This is a delicious way of bringing the benefits of matcha to your diet, without any fiddly changes to your favorite recipes!


Another highly popular way of consuming matcha is in a smoothie.

If you are already making your smoothie a green one, it’s a no brainer to toss some matcha powder in there, making a good thing even better!

Check out our recipes section for more on how to add matcha to your diet!