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Beauty Products and Lingerie Swaps - Unused products only



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We are now swapping brand name hair care and skin care products that are unopened and in good shape. If you would like to swap then please stay tuned as we open a section that involves switching or swapping out these new items of brand name like Ahava, Dermalogica and Nioxin to name a few of the major brands that will be available.

Come here to swap your cosmetics and hundreds of other beauty and skin care related products. If you got it and don't want it any more then try swapping it and see what else other customers have to offer. We cannot swap any products that have already been opened. We can swap apparel that has been opened and even worn except for lingerie. No lingerie can be sold after it has been worn. So contact us with any beauty products or lingerie or kama sutra apparel products that you would like to swap. The cost per swap is $1

To trade brands that you haven't used click the link below:

If you are looking for specific products for hair and skin such as a natural dandruff shampoo or scalp itch or psoriasis shampoo. Sites that offer beauty products for specialty hair care situations including for those that want a dead sea hair shampoo and other men's shampoos or hair care products. And don't stop looking for brand name products such as the latest in hair vitamins from brand name manufacturers as well. Also check out the latest in body odor products to help eliminate bad body odor for people including men and women.

We will continue to add suppliers that will trade unopened beauty products for your favorites. And also check with us for cosmetic loans to start your own beauty business. Many times this is done by a refinance loan of the house but with a new beauty loan you can start without having to refinance the house. And don't forget to check out our spider veins cream that includes high levels of vitamin k in the cream and other deep penetrating ingredients.




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