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Does Dead Sea Mud Help Dandruff and Scalp Acne?

Dandruff is the white flakes that you see in oneís scalp. You can observe this especially when you see spots on oneís hair and even on oneís shoulders. Well, dandruff is the result when the skin cell of the scalp peels off excessively because of scalp oiliness.  The excessive oiliness is mostly brought about by the products we usually put on our hair and the things that we do to it. All the hair color and the heat that we apply to our hair having dandruff is almost expected. It can also be due to wearing of tight hats and head scarves so the ultimate solution is to deep cleanse the bad oils from the scalp with Dead Sea Shampoo and other hair treatments.

Acne, on the other hand, is due to clogging of the pores. It can alternatively also be caused by the glandsí production of sebum. Either of the two combined with dead pores results into an inflammation and so acne breaks out. Scalp acne is caused by the excess oil found in the scalp. This usually comes out when the hair is not washed for a few days resulting into oily scalp. Be careful with hair care products you use because they can also cause oiliness in scalp that could later develop into scalp acne.

Well, the scalp is the skin of our head. We can use some of the remedies we use for our skin in the scalp too.  Dead Sea mud has been known to give both men and women good and clear skin. It has detoxifying and cleansing qualities that helps the skin heal and rejuvenate. So Dead Sea mud could be a remedy for dandruff and scalp acne too. It has sulfur which helps counter act the effects of harsh beauty products that we use and the harsh effects of our environment today. Meaning, sulfur cleanses our skin including the scalp and it stimulates the repair of damaged scalp by lessening scalp oiliness and bringing back the balance in our skin cells. Dead Sea mud also has chlorine which strengthens the skinís protective layer and so it reduces swelling. And with all the minerals that Dead Sea mud contains, it supplies the required electrolytes that are needed by our skin for it to be healthy. So many people are after organic beauty products and products made from the dead sea such as the masks and wraps are considered organic beauty products or organic skin care products.

So, the answer is yes. Because Dead Sea mud contains many minerals which our skin and scalp needs, it is good for the skin and for the scalp. It helps alleviate dandruff and scalp acne. But unlike the traditional beauty products that we buy, it is natural. So Dead Sea mud has relatively no side effects.






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