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Sea Silk- Slimming Seaweed Cream

The Absolute Best in Seaweed Slimming and Cellulite Burning ingredients that can be used alone or in conjunction with the cellulite wrap, slimming wrap (5-15 wrap).

Sea Silk Slimming and Anti Cellulite Treatment:

  • Can be used alone or in between wraps for lasting results.
  • Work in between wraps to keep the slimming power of seaweed working and get results that last.
  • This seaweed lotion helps to detoxify the skin, slim and reduce the appearance of cellulite and and firm skin - all in one.
  • Skin Firming - with the power of hyaluronic acid, sea minerals and firming extracts
  • Redefine sun damaged skin allowing skin to heal
  • Uses specific collagen enhancing ingredients found in high end face creams.
  • Uses specific proven ingredients that have been tested and proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite anywhere on the body including thighs, hips, stomach, buttocks, legs and more.
  • A top formulation that fits all the powerful cellulite and fat burners into one powerful cream.




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4 oz size (large)

Outside Healing by Chardan Is The Leader in Slimming creams, slimming body wrap, dead sea shampoos and hair care products, skin firming wraps and skin firming cream for the body and firming creams for the face as well for specialty products such as eczema scalp and skin problems, psoriasis scalp and skin problems and much more. Contact us if you have any questions about these award winning dead sea wrap products.

Many people ask us about the name and it is a very simple story. When we first started selling online we didn't want to be like every other store online - we wanted a name that would stand out and Goo4Swap Definitely does. Don't let the name fool you. We are one of the top selling dead sea mud and body wrap stores online., Contact us if you have any questions.



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