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The Ultimate Spider Veins Cream & Vitamin K Leg Wrap Kit!

Premixed 6 Saturating Wrap Treatments & Free Vitamin K Cream




A Body Mud Treatment Wrap for Spider Veins!

Forget about expensive spa treatments. You can do these in the privacy of your own home. Rated #1!

Vitamin K Cream & Wrap Advantages:


If you have spider veins your veins are leaking! Vitamin K is the best solution! This wrap uses a Pure Vitamin K!


Vitamin K acts as a coagulant to stop the blood leaking. The result is the appearance of spider veins goes away.


The problem is that most products don't have a form of vitamin k that will actually reach the vein. Creams help but the best is a saturating wrap!

  • Leaking veins are the primary cause of spider veins -(years of pressure on the vein walls lead to leaking)
  • Penetrate skin to get to the vein wall itself to help heal the leaking vein
  • High Levels of natural, therapeutic vitamin k
  • Prevents leaking veins or spider vein appearance from happening
  • Spider Vein Kit includes wrap mixture, wrap bandages. directions



  • Apply pre-mixture to legs.
  • Wrap legs (bandages provided) with slight compression
  • Leave on for 30 minutes & rinse
  • Apply Vitamin K Cream and leave on

This is the most complete therapy for spider veins and varicose veins available in natural form.


Spider Vein Wraps (6 treatments) & Free Vitamin K Cream


16 oz $54.95






Spider Vein Wrap (3 Treatments) & Free Vitamin K Cream


8 oz $44.95








Spider Vein Vitamin K Cream

Amazing for the appearance of spider vein issues!

2 oz $39.95








"I knew that you had the best product when I did the research on vitamin k. The question isn't whether vitamin k works or not - the question is can the vitamin k reach the vein and your saturating wrap is the answer!"




Copyright 2001-2009 OutSide Healing

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"I have tried creams by themselves with some results but when I added your premix wrap I started seeing results in about 1 week."

"I have been looking everywhere for this wrap and finally found you online. I have seen the results from the vitamin k wrap and cream."

"I am amazed at the results - they seem to fade in just a few weeks."

"Very good! The wrap makes the difference. I tried just the cream and did not work as good as when I used it with the cream."

"I suggest this to all my friends. I actually saw results."

"I went in for skin firming surgery and then my technician suggested using your vitamin k wrap mix for my spider veins. I am pleased after 3 weeks."

"It looks like you have found the best way to get the vitamin k to the leaking veins. I will give it a shot."

"The best results I have gotten by a long shot for my vein issues."




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